Cargo can be defined as per the oxford dictionary as well as other leading dictionaries like websters, Cambridge, so on and so forth. We understand cargo in business as it what it physically stands for. It can be multiple freight of same goods or even multiple freight of different goods.

To make it simple for you, we can do a lot of heavy moving of goods across continents which may be of business or individual consumption. Of course, cargo is generally which fetches money and foreign exchange to the nation. It better be left to the experts who know the job.


We understand courier in business as it what it physically stands for. Cargo services can be several freights of the same products or even several freights of different products. To make it convenient for you, we can do a lot of heavy moving & relocation of goods across continents which may be related to a business or individual use. Of course, the courier fetches money and foreign exchange to the nation. It is better left to the cargo experts who know the job. Let it be air cargo or freight or sea cargo or freight, you know the worth of that essential cargo consignment, and we know the best managing practices and techniques to make it reach the way it should. For the business people, whether you are an individual or a Small Medium Enterprise (SME) or even a large manufacturing industry, we can guarantee you that know how the Customs works in our daily work. We are well-equipped to deal with your export parcel shipments consignments at a reasonable price that you would like.

Reasonable and proficient International Shipping Cargo Services include:

Priority Shipping

Consolidated Shipping

Global Charters Shipping service

Options include:

Door-to-Sea Port

Door-to-Door excluding duties/taxes(DDU)

Door-to-Door including duties/taxes(DDP)

Courier Expert also provides:

Flawless connection to a network of licensed customs brokers.

Access to an extensive international service partner network providing full service at origin and destination.

Assistance with your international document preparation and presentation necessities

Delivery Cargo Transport Insurance (some items are limited).

Some interesting benefits of our services are:

Doorstep services

Shipping in 4 to 6 business days

Easy documentation

Custom Clearance proficiency

Free Pickup & packaging

Carry anything Worldwide

Value for money

Reach to 240+ countries globally

Online payment option


We are a highly prominent firm involved in providing premium quality International Courier Services; warehouse Services, collection, and Door-to-Door Courier Services.


While managing couriers, we have cargo experts to take care of individual needs and recurring corporate requirements. We offer the safest and fastest mode of delivery.


We are cargo experts offering affordable domestic and international courier services. Our team aims at providing value-for-money courier services at reasonable prices.






Using Courier Expert Cargo Services, you can now leave your cargo operations and management-related worry to us. You can concentrate your attention on the actual procuring, manufacturing, and marketing aspects of the business. At Courier Expert, we have a devoted team who look into the daily aspects of courier handling, imports, and exports or international courier. Thus, we have an enhanced view of ground reality and save you the exertion of running from pillar to post with your courier or freight consignment, documents, and parcels, etc. Courier Expert also provides insurance services that offer our customers financial guard against all risks of physical loss or damage from any external cause. Courier Expert offers a range of Customs Clearance Services, non-standard export clearance, and handling services. It is mainly helpful while delivering high-value or multi-content shipments that need special paperwork or handling. Just mail us your import or export courier details & we will revert soon.