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CourierExpert.in is one of the best & cheapest courier cargo parcel & shipping delivery company for United Kingdom (UK) From Jaipur. We offer an extensive range of services, including courier services to the United Kingdom (UK) from Jaipur India. If you need to send a parcel to the United Kingdom (UK) from Jaipur India and want complete peace of mind that your package or letters will be secure, you have come to the right place. Our specialized, dedicated delivery system and reliable courier services are beneficial and perfect for traders, travelers, individuals, corporate entities, importers, exporters, and anyone else that needs topnotch courier services to the United Kingdom (UK) that they can count on. Whether you need to send highly classified documents, special cargo, parcels, or any other items, we guarantee safe delivery of your items through our quality courier cargo parcel & shipping services to United Kingdom (UK).

When sending items from Jaipur India to the United Kingdom (UK), you can send almost anything! From garments and medications, to university documents, food items, electronic goods, unaccompanied bags, documents, parcels, and other personal effects or business correspondence, we transport anything that needs sent, to any state in the United States. Courier Expert is committed to giving our customers full service courier, cargo & parcel solutions. We have earned a phenomenal reputation in the industry, and we have thousands of satisfied clients that continually use our services for all of their India to United Kingdom (UK) courier service needs. Our services are used by traders, businessmen, exporters, importers, individuals, and other people that need highly specialized international transport services. Our unique system will ensure that your items get to their final destination safely, and in a timely manner.

When you want dependability with a courier, cargo, parcel & shipping our team at CourierExpert.in can meet your needs. We often work closely with DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT, Aramex and other highly reputable international courier services, so you can always expect excellent service when you hire us for all of your courier needs. Since we are able to provide these companies with high volumes of items to ship, they often give us massive discounts that we are able to pass on to our valued customers. Our prices are already lower than other major courier companies, so you can ship your items securely and safely for rock bottom prices. We even provide packaging services to ensure that your items are packed correctly.

Features & Benefits:

  1. Door to door services
  2. Hassle Free Customs Clearance Process
  3. Detailed online Shipment tracking
  4. Free Packaging Services
  5. Free home pick-up
  6. Online payment option
  7. Fast Delivery to any International Location
  8. Simple documentation
  9. We Ship Almost Everything on a Global Scale
  10. We Offer Some of the Most Competitive Prices in the Industry
  11. Pickup within 1hour from Jaipur*
  12. Working 24×7 and 365 Days

To request a quote, simply complete and submit our online quote form. We will send a quote that will suit your budget and requirements. If the quote is acceptable, schedule a pickup at your own convenience. We offer payment options at the time of scheduling, and at the time of delivery. Whether you need a small parcel delivered, large cargo services if you are relocating to the United Kingdom (UK), or any other type of courier services from Jaipur India to the United Kingdom (UK), we are your go to source.

Below Our Cheapest Charges for Sending Courier, Cargo & Parcel to the United Kingdom (UK) from Jaipur, India

Estimated Delivery*3-4 W-Days3-4 W-Days3-4 W-Days5-8 W-Days3-4 W-Days6-12 W-Days
Dox-  0.5161518501550142514901100
Rate Per Kg - FlatDHLFedExTNTAramexUPSSelf-Cago
Above 10 Kg600640650449650360
Above 20 Kg580600600440600340
Above 30 Kg570580550375550340
Above 40 Kg560560480375480340
Above 50 Kg450400450360450280
Above 70 Kg450380450350450260
Above 100 Kg360350450303450235
  • GST would be extra on total billing.
  • Chargeable weight will be rounded-off to the next higher 500 gms. When Shipment lightweight volumetric (L*W*H (in cms) / 5000) or actual weight whichever is higher will be charged.
  • No Deduction allowed on late delivery due to Flight delay/off-Loads/Customs Delay. Any such deduction on Courier charges will be allowed only when our Principal agree to the reasons.
  • All service will be collected from your office / house and will be delivered door steps of consignee.
  • Freight charges of Rs. 2000 + GST will be charged extra on all Commercial Shipments.
  • Non standard shipment charge extra Rs. 2850+GST (Single pcs weight more than 68Kg and Size more than 120 CMS)
  • Remote area surcharge as applicable if any city fall in remote location (Call before booking to our customer support team)
  • Warehouse is free up to 3 days after pickup, After that charges applicable [ Each shipment & Each Box Rs. 200.00+GST Per Days]
  • Any other levies, taxes, duties and other charges enforced by destination country would be charged extra if and as applicable. [Payable by receiver]
  • All consignment must be wrapped, packed, and addressed for safe handling
  • All consignment must be wrapped, packed, and addressed for safe handling
  • Will not be responsible for any delays in shipment due to custom clearance, National Holidays, religious holidays, inclement weather conditions, etc.
  • “Any dispute arising between the parties or Any dispute or differences arising from this consignment as to the performance or non-performance of the foregoing terms and conditions shall be subject to the exclusive and irrevocable jurisdiction of courts at Delhi”

Calculate the volumetric weight of your shipment. Sometimes, large items with a light overall weight can be charged according to the space they take up on aircraft. In these cases, Volumetric Weight, or dimensional (Dim) weight, is used to calculate the shipment cost.

It is recommended that you calculate the Volumetric Weight for every shipment that you send, then compare this to its actual weight. The greater weight of the two is used to work out the price that we charge you.

How to Calculate Volumetric Weight?

  • International Volumetric Weights are calculated using the formula below: Length x Width x Height in centimeters / 5000=Volumetric Weight in kilograms
  • Volumetric Weight Calculation International
  • Door to door services
  • Hassle Free Customs Clearance Process
  • Detailed online Shipment tracking
  • Free Packaging Services
  • Free home pick-up
  • Email & SMS notification for pickup and delivery
  • Simple documentation
  • We Ship Almost Everything on a Global Scale
  • We Offer Some of the Most Competitive Prices in the Industry
  • Online payment option
  • Fast Delivery to any International Location (4-6 Business Days)

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Why Choose CourierExpert.in for sending Courier, Cargo, Parcel & Shipping to The United Kingdom (UK) From Jaipur India:

We Ship Anything to the United Kingdom (UK) From Jaipur India.

Most Competitive Prices! Unmatched.

Door Pickup – Door delivery – Free Packing.

Your packages will be delivered in Express Mode 3 to 5 business days and Economy 8-14 Days*

We ship with DHL, FEDEX, TNT, Aramex, UPS, DPD & world renowned companies.

You save up to 50% due to our high volume of shipping.

Email notification for all status (Including pickup/Transit & Delivery)

  • Most popular import items to United Kingdom (UK)
  • 1. Clothing
  • 2. Dress
  • 3. Watches
  • 4. Clothes Women
  • 5. Tires
  • 6. Shoes for Women
  • 7. Bicycle
  • 8. Dresses
  • 9. Shoes
  • 10. Guitar
  • Popular Courier Export Items From Jaipur To United Kingdom (UK)

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